Dental Bridge in San Jose, CA

Missing teeth interrupt a beautiful smile. A dental bridge can fill the hole left by teeth that have been lost, extracted, damaged, or never erupted. Dr. Lakshmy Sudeep at Santa Teresa Dental Center uses customized dental bridges to restore the durability of your teeth and give you a long-lasting, natural-looking smile.

What Is a Dental Bridge?

Older couple at brunch smile confident they can eat anything with a dental bridge from Santa Teresa Dental Center in San Jose, CA.A dental bridge does just that – bridges the gap between two teeth. A bridge is attached to either side of the gap using clasps which are then anchored in place with tooth-colored dental crowns, creating the security that is the hallmark of a dental bridge. The prosthetic teeth are attached to the bridge to complete the restoration and close the space in your smile.

The composition of a bridge is typically porcelain fused to ceramic or porcelain fused to metal. Both options are incredibly strong and durable, and they are customized in all ways, from color to size to shape, so the bridge mimics and blends in with the rest of your teeth.

The Problem with Missing Teeth

It’s easy to assume that a missing molar or the loss of an otherwise unnoticeable back tooth isn’t worth replacing since no one can really see it. This belief is a big mistake. Whether you’re missing one tooth or a few teeth, the gap they create is a problem aesthetically and, more importantly, functionally.

Without putting something in the place of missing teeth, the neighboring teeth will drift to fill the hole. This can create tissue damage, interfere with alignment, and create an unattractive smile that is speckled with gaps and oddly positioned teeth.

Whether you are self-conscious about your missing teeth or not, it cannot be disputed that missing teeth make it harder to eat and sometimes even impact your ability to speak clearly. A hole in your smile can make a dent in anyone’s confidence – a feeling that is unnecessary when a solution like a dental bridge is easily undertaken.

Are You a Good Candidate for a San Jose Dental Bridge?

The cause of your missing tooth or teeth must be taken into consideration before we will recommend a dental bridge as an appropriate restoration. If you suffer from gum disease and have lost teeth as a result, it will be necessary to clean this infection before any restorative or cosmetic work can be done for your smile. You need a strong foundation before undergoing any significant dental work, and that means healthy gums.

Maybe your teeth were knocked out because of an accident or sports injury, or your tooth was so damaged it needed to be extracted. Perhaps you suffered serious decay or an abscess and the tooth needed to be pulled. The reason for your missing teeth and the location of the absent teeth impact whether a bridge is a viable solution for your restoration.

In some cases, reaching the conclusion that a dental bridge is the right repair for your smile comes from a formula that takes into consideration your lifestyle, budget, level of dental anxiety, and overall oral health. Dental bridges are less-invasive than some other tooth replacement options, which makes them appealing to many patients, especially those who are wary of a surgical restoration like dental implants.

Get a Dental Bridge Tooth Restoration in San Jose

Restorative dentistry solutions are functionally sound. It is a nice perk that they are also made to look like natural teeth, so your smile can be completed without any teeth drawing unnecessary attention to themselves. The point of any dental restoration is to create a complete smile that looks beautiful, works well, and makes you feel good about yourself.

At Santa Teresa Dental Center, our goal is to give you a healthy smile, whether we replace your missing teeth with a dental bridge, dental implants, or other dental restoration. Call us to schedule your appointment today to find out what solutions are right for your smile makeover.

Are you missing one or all of your teeth? Restorative dentistry can repair and restore the natural look and function of your smile.

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