Sedation Dentistry In San Jose, CA

Do dental appointments make you anxious or scared? You're not alone! While our friendly team does everything they can to ensure the comfort of our patients, we know that dental anxiety is hard to face for many. To address this, we offer laughing gas as well as oral conscious sedation that can be paired with nearly all of our procedures. These treatments can help you feel more at ease during your visit to our office.

Santa Teresa Dental Center proudly offers the very best sedation dentistry near San Jose, South San Jose, Robertsville, Rancho Santa Teresa, Martinvale Vineyard, and Avenida Espana because we take into account individual needs. Prior to recommending laughing gas or oral conscious sedation, our dentists will review your medical history, assuring this option meets your needs!

What Is Laughing Gas?

Dr. Sudeep performing sedation dentistry while the patient sleep comfortably at Santa Teresa Dental Center in San Jose. Unfortunately, dental anxiety can keep many patients from visiting the dentist for checkups and much-needed dental work. If dental appointments make you anxious, we can administer laughing gas to help you feel more relaxed during your visit.

At Santa Teresa Dental Center, laughing gas is administered using a mask, allowing you to feel more at ease within minutes. If you are feeling anxious about an upcoming visit, ask about laughing gas. Most of our patients are good candidates for this treatment.

Unlike heavier forms of sedation dentistry, the effects of laughing gas wear off in just minutes. In fact, you should be feeling back to normal once you leave our office. This means you can drive yourself to and from the appointment - and even go back to work or school feeling just as you normally would.

Laughing Gas For Kids

Laughing gas is also a very safe and effective way to ease children's anxieties during their pediatric dentistry procedures. At Santa Teresa Dental Center, we typically recommend laughing gas to children who suffer from a fear of the dentist as well as those with special healthcare needs. Additionally, we may recommend light sedation if your child is set to undergo a lengthy or invasive dental treatment. Because laughing gas is a pain reliever as well as a sedative, you can rest assured knowing that your child will be completely relaxed, comfortable, and pain-free while in the dental chair.

What Is Oral Conscious Sedation?

If you are in need of a more powerful and long-lasting sedation option, our team may recommend oral conscious sedation. Oral conscious sedation is medicinal therapy prescribed to patients with severe dental anxiety, those undergoing long procedures, or those with special healthcare needs.

Before your appointment, our dentists will prescribe just the right level of dosage you need. You will be instructed to take the medicine before your appointment so that you will be completely relaxed by the time treatment starts. Although results do vary, some patients feel so calm after this medicine, they fall asleep in the dental chair!

Please note, if you take oral conscious sedation, a trusted caregiver must drive you to and from your appointment. The effects of this medication will take hours to fully wear off.

Questions About Sedation Dentistry?

Put your mind at ease and have an enjoyable experience during your dental appointment. Ask for sedation when you call to schedule your appointment with us at Santa Teresa Dental Center!

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